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Window Cleaners for Port Talbot & Surrounding areas.


Clean windows all year round

We’re proud to offer a regular and reliable domestic & commercial window cleaning service to everyone in the areas of Port Talbot, Neath, Skewen, Swansea, Gorseinow and Birchgrove. We’re able to clean houses of all sizes from small one-bedroom flats to mansions as well as commercial and business premises.

Water Fed Pole and Traditional Window Cleaning Methods

 We clean windows by one of two methods. We can use the traditional mop and squeegee method however our preference is for the modern method of water fed pole window cleaning. The clean is carried out from the safety of the ground so therefore no ladders are used and we are not working at height so the process is a lot safer. The customer benefit is that your windows will stay cleaner for longer.

Pure Water Window Cleaning

Cleaning with pure water is the most effective method to give your glass the clean and shiny look you want. Pure water disintegrates any dirt on the glass surface and there are no streaks left behind and the glass will stay cleaner for longer. No chemicals or soaps are used so it’s the most Eco-friendly cleaning method.Mr Shiny Windows provides the best professional service at affordable prices for all of customers. Call for a free estimate and join many other local domestic and commercial clients.

Our highly-trained window cleaners use the latest van mounted water-fed pole systems and purified water. There is no need to use your water as we have large tanks mounted into the chassis of the van carrying over 500 litres of pure water at the start of the working day.

We use the same methods for cleaning your conservatory The cleaners will wash all the panes, frames and sills. However, if the conservatory has wooden frames we only clean glass.The windows are then left to dry naturally, and because the water is 100% pure there are no mineral deposits or other residue left behind. This ensures your windows stay cleaner for longer and they are left streak-free and amazingly shiny after every clean. All frames/sills/doors included in our standard clean.

How high can our window cleaning service reach?

As we use lightweight specially designed carbon fibre poles which are both incredibly strong but easily manageable combined with special soft bristle window cleaning brushes we have no problem reaching up to 4 or 5 stories from the safety of the ground.

Customers peace of mind is also very important to us and just in case the worst happens you will be happy to know that we do have full public liability insurance in place for both domestic and commercial window cleaning customers alike.

How Does the Water Fed Pole System Work?

The system hinges on the purity of our water – If we were to use water directly from the tap then your glass would dry spotted and streaky and eventually be covered in limescale. This is because of all the impurities in your tap water. Filtered water must be used.

Cleaning with filtered water also has other benefits such as; being eco-friendly, safer, the longevity of the clean as well as the UPVC frames and sills getting cleaned every visit.

Where do we get the pure water from?

The process we use to filter tap water into pure water is called Reverse Osmosis. It consists of a 4 stage process.

  1. Sediment Filtration Firstly, the tap water passes through a 5 Micron Sediment Filter. At this stage, we are removing physical particles from the tap water such as dirt, sand or metal.
  2. Carbon Block Filtration Next, we use an activated carbon block filter to reduce the concentration of chlorine and other organic compounds that the water may still contain.
  3. Reverse Osmosis Then we use a reverse osmosis membrane. The membranes are very fine filters that allow pure water to pass through but not any ions and salts.
  4. De-Ionisation The final stage we use to ‘polish’ our water – it’s now good to go.

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We are reliable, regular and have brilliant positive feedback from our customers.


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I can wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Shiny Windows as a first class service. Craig has left our home looking like new, after cleaning all of our gutters, down pipes and soffits. Very happy, and will pass on to all for a very professional service! Thank you
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